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They get called many things     —     “Top Sellers”     “Superb Performers”     “Faithful”     —     We call them “Smart.”     Owning one makes you “Genius!

Wifi Hidden Cam
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Wifi Hidden Cam
  • Looks like an ordinary Design Clock
  • Uses WiFi - up to 9 cams!
  • Watch video online
  • Records on a PC
  • Free tech support & setup help
iTrail GPS Data Logger
positive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starnegative rated grey star
iTrail GPS Data Logger
  • Records the physical location of the iTrail
  • See a log history on a map!
  • Records travel speeds, stops, dates & time.
  • Activated with motion detection.
  • Lasts up to 30 days on a single charge.
Hidden Spy Color Camera Clock Radio
positive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold star
Hidden Spy Color Camera Clock Radio
  • Records to its own SD card
  • AC powered - Daytime recording
  • Includes 4GB of bonus memory
  • Motion Activated Recording or Continuous Recording Mode
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty!
  • Time stamp overlaid on recordings
Digital Wireless LCD Receiver IR iPod Dock
positive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starnegative rated grey star
Digital Wireless LCD Receiver IR iPod Dock
  • Night Vision, Hidden camera in a working iPod Dock.
  • Watch video remotely from your computer, iPhone or iPad
  • Record or watch from an 7" LCD & SD Card, PC or RCA device
  • Connect 1-4 extra hidden cameras
  • Easy internet setup... network configuration not required!
  • Wireless transmission up to 700 feet with no interference
Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software Deluxe
positive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold starpositive rated gold star
Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software Deluxe

• Deluxe version exclusive feature: Emails all logged information for remote access

• Can be used to monitor up to five computers at once

• Records keystrokes exactly as they are typed (case sensitive)

• Records screenshots at either set intervals, or when certain keywords are typed

• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Vista SP1, and Windows 7 (not Mac compatible)

• Undetectable by most anti-spyware software

• Locally stored data is strongly encrypted with a unique key for each device

• Drive capacity: 4GB

Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder and Digital Voice Recorder
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Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder and Digital Voice Recorder
  • Free shipping to the continental US
  • Free Tech Support
  • Call us for questions at (888) 833-4902
  • Click the picture for more details!
Software that Recovers, Uncovers and Monitors PCs and Smartphone Secrets
product image
  • Check Windows, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
  • Read text messages, chat history, emails deleted or not!
  • Recover deleted files. Monitor computer activity. Detect pornography.
  • Unlock password protected computers.
  • Shop Monitoring Software
Tech Support is “On the House” with Spygenie
product image
  • Call us or email!
  • Friendly support yet technical.
  • Outsource-free, USA based, foreign-frustration free conversations.
  • Help with a product own, or guidance on what you should buy.
  • See What Customers Get from
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Nanny cameras: critical for all parents and caregivers who are proactive in the safety of their family. A Nanny cam gives protection from the unknown, and can possibly save your child from becoming one of those stories of children suffering abuse at the hands of their babysitter. Having a nanny camera will ease your worries when you are away from home. Get familiar with our selection of affordable – yet smart – hidden cameras and nanny cams.

We at will provide you with a great selection of nanny cam products, reviews and ratings, security gadgets, software for monitoring computers and cell phones, and articles to help you on your way. New to  surveillance? Read our Quick Start Nanny Cam Guide, or get answers to the question, “Are Nanny Cams Legal?” (See what happened to famous nannies who were caught by a nanny cam.) If you are ready to jump in, have a look at our easy to set up, wireless systems with remote, live, online viewing of nanny cam surveillance. Also, if you need something more basic, check out our self contained nanny cameras + DVRs. Need more? Be sure to check out the options below!

Nanny cam is a surveillance video camera hidden in a common household item. Nanny cams take the form of different objects designed to blend in with their surroundings, poised them as effective covert surveillance devices. Nanny cams are commonly placed in homes to protect against abuse from nannies or caregivers, they also discreetly monitor any in-home service providers, technicians or employees.

camera hidden in tissue box

A nanny camera hidden in tissue box

We focus on nanny cameras that feature ease of use and convenience. We do not throw every possible nanny camera we can find at you.  Rather, our criteria is designed to mate ease of use with power and features. If you are ready to get started, have a look at our nanny cameras and hidden cameras.

Also known as self-contained nanny cams. The absolute easiest to setup and use nanny cams have built-in digital video recorder, DVRs. These only require the most basic of setup but also are feature rich, to make reviewing recordings easy. Powering the camera is accomplished through a rechargeable battery or with a power adapter. The video is recorded onto an SD card or, at times, on built-in memory.

Centralized Surveillance
Unlike self-contained nanny cams, centralized surveillance systems connect one or more cameras to a single DVR to record videos.  Setup is surprisingly easy with our systems because we use wireless nanny cams. There is no need to run wires or go through special efforts to disguise surveillance technology with a wireless surveillance system.

Recording Options
Settings that change when video is recorded are useful tools in surveillance.  For example, record only when motion is detected will require less memory and reduce the amount of time it takes to review. Some cameras allow you to schedule times for recording, or just to constantly record.  Settings like these are useful in situations where you need to capture everything. Optional night vision cameras see in complete darkness and are ready to record whenever.

Time and Data Overlay
The time is stamped right on the bottom of the video in many of our nanny cams. Imagine if someone discovered your camera and tried to sabotage the video in order to record over some incriminating event. How would you know there was missing video without a time and data stamp? Not only can you see the time of the recording, you can see the actual frame number – which should count up by one every time as long as no tampering occurred – adding more security to your cams.

Video Review
We have a special page that shows all the ways our nanny cams allow you to review video.  Some of our cameras are designed to be connected to TVs, monitors, and computers.  Others do not connect at all.  Instead, they have removable SD cards that you insert into a computer. Still others make online viewing of surveillance videos simple – often not even requiring any special internet settings for your home network or router!

Ready To Look?
Have a look at the Hidden Camera and Nanny Cam page to see the various form factors, prices, and features of nanny cams that meet our hand picked, easy to use cameras. Click here.