Features-MotionMotion Detection Surveillance

One time saving feature included in most surveillance cameras is motion detection. It only records when it detects movement or heat given off from a body.  If you are putting a camera in an area that has long periods of inactivity, why record “nothing?” Motion detection will save you hours of looking through footage of an empty room and will only keep recordings of actual events.

Many cameras include motion detection, but it is often a feature that can be disabled.

There are two kinds of motion detection. PIR Motion detection actually detects body heat. It is a very simple sensor that doesn’t require very much energy to use, which means if your camera runs off a battery, PIR Motion detection will not waste its power. The second kind is processed motion detection.  A computer inside the camera compares frames, and once it detects a change between frames it assumes something is going on, and that triggers the recorder.  It requires more power to compute the differences between frames, but it can quickly tell when there is activity in the room.