SD Card DVRs

If you ever owned a digital camera, chances are you already know what an SD Card is. Computers are starting to come with SD Card slots built in. SD Cards stand for Secure Digital, and are also called TF cards internationally. When you record on an SD Card, it is easy to keep an archive of recordings and it is easy to take the card out for review and replace it with another one. If you should need additional SD Cards, we’ll sell them to you for a great deal.

SD Cards come in different sizes and speeds. We do not advise just going to the store and finding a cheap SD Card, because the card itself may not meet the camera’s standards for speed and size. If an SD Card is not capable of keeping up with the recording, you could miss frames. If you want to find a third party supplier, take note of the camera’s manual for details on the class of SD Card that is compatible. Be sure not to exceed the supported size, dataloss can occur if you do that.