Recovery Stick for Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android is the latest forensic level technology to recover text messages, call logs and images and more. Once thought were gone forever, Recovery Stick can bring Text and SMS messages back from deletion.

With the Blackberry Recovery Stick you can recover:
Blackberry Phone Recovery
  • Text messages & SMS
  • Call logs & call history
  • Images
  • Contacts
  • Internet history
  • Phone settings & propertied
  • SD Card contents

Simply connect the Blackberry phone and the Blackberry Recovery Stick to the computers USB port and the program goes to work. With the single click you’re able to download all the important data that otherwise would take days (if ever) to piece together again… This is all contained on a small USB drive. Recover information whenever and where ever the need arises.

Blackberry Phone Recovery
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Blackberry Phone Recovery
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The Blackberry Recovery Stick is ideal for:
  • Parents – Monitor your kids’ text and calls.
  • Employers – Help enforce company policies for business owned phones.
  • Anyone and Everyone – Use it to backup or recover your Blackberry Phone’s data.


The Blackberry Phone Recovery Stick runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8. [/bullets_with_image]
Disclaimer: Unauthorized use of data recovery or unauthorized access to phone content may be a punishable offense. Laws vary by location. It is the responsibility of the user, or the one who commissions the use of software, to understand and abide by the law while using Phone Recovery Stick or else risk legal action for failure to do so. In other words: any consequences resulting from the use (or misuse) of this software are yours, not ours.
Blackberry Phone Recovery
  • Recovers data from Android devices, BlackBerry phones, Symbian phones, Windows 7 phones, or any phone with removable storage such as MicroSD cards
  • System Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Compatible Data Cable
  • See a list of supported devices.
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  • Phone Recovery Stick
  • Full manual and instructions
  • FREE Tech Support

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