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Recover It®

Where to Buy the Recover it

New and improved Recover It®

Windows 8, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS 7

New Help Files

New interface for ease of use.

Smart Phone, Tablets and PC Recovery 9 Software programs for the price of one!

Recover It® is designed to recover existing data directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well as deleted data when using iTunes backup.

Recover It® is designed to recover existing as well as deleted data from Blackberry back up files

Recover It® is designed to extract existing data from Android Devices

Recover It® PC Backup and Restore is designed to backup files or folders to separate location without affecting original files.

Recover It® Chat Analyzer is designed to view chat session log of installed chat clients without logging into the account.

Recover It® Porn Detection is designed to detect images likely to be adult content.

Recover It® Privacy Cleaner is designed to erase traces left after using system

Recover It® Shredder is designed to permanently delete files, folders and traces left of any deleted files.

Recover It® WinRecovery is designed to recover deleted files from windows partitions

What types of files can Recover It® find?

Click Here here to find out.

Need help with Recover It®?

•Browse the help files on the Recover It®

•Download the Recover It Repair Tool

•or Visit www.myrecoverit.com for more information

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  • Forensic quality data recovery of over 25 different types of files
  • Works on most devices with flash memory
  • Retrieve deleted data even if recycle bin has been emptied
  • Search for chat logs or pornographic images
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read report
  • iPhone—iOS version 7and previous versions
  • Android—4.2 and previous versions except basic android version
  • Blackberry—7.0 and previous versions
  • Recover It USB Stick
  • Android Requirements
  • Android 4.2 and previous versions
  • Android data transfer cable
  • Device driver from manufacturer of Android device
  • USB Debugging? enabled on Android device
  • iPhone Requirements
  • iPhone iOS version 7 and previous versions
  • iPhone® data transfer cable
  • If recovering data without an iPhone®, an iTunes® backup file is required
  • The latest version of iTunes® software must be installed prior to using this application
  • Blackberry Requirements
  • Blackberry backup file (ipd or bbb)
  • All Programs Hardware and Software requirements
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Pentium 233 MHz or higher
  • Supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP (service pack 2), Vista and Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Ensure Dot Net 2.0
    is enabled on your PC

CDRPiPhone: Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone

This product has been recently updated. It supports up to iOS 7.0.3 and works on Mac OS X and Windows PCs

The Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro software includes a set of great software utilities that currently supports both iPhones and iPads.

The Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone is a professional data recovery product for home, office, and professional use, which enables a user to recover data from an iPhone handset quickly and efficiently.

With the Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone, you can view and backup data using any Apple Mac OS or Windows PC including call history, SMS text messages and much more. You can also recover deleted contact records, messages, call history, calendar and notes from your iPhone.

  • Supports iPhone iPad and iPod Touch, up to iOS 7.0.3
  • Our software runs Mac OS X and Windows PCs
    • SMS Text Messages
    • iMessages
    • Contacts
    • Call History
    • Notes
    • Calendar Entries
    • SMS Text Messages
    • iMessages
    • Contacts
    • Call History
    • Notes
    • Calendar Entries
    • Photos
    • Internet History
    • User Dictionary
    • Installed Applications
    • Device Properties
  • Easy to use!!
  • Unlimited Handset usage, No License Expiration

Your product claims to recover deleted data from my iPhone. How much can it recover?

How much deleted data is recovered is dependent on how much new information has been written to your phone since the data you want to recover was deleted. Since all logical recovery software functions in a similar way, you might only be able to recover part of the data you need.

How can I get updates of the new application (for bug fixes and enhancements)?

We update the software periodically. To ensure you have the latest version, we recommend you click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the GUI on the main screen each time you run the software to ensure you have the latest version of the software.

Do I need to have my phone PIN/Password?

Yes, you must have the PIN / Password for the locked phone before performing a recovery – the iPhone Recovery Pro does not unlock the handset ahead of recovering data. The handset must be unlocked prior to recovering data. If your phone has been unlocked when connected to iTunes, the input of PIN / Password is not normally necessary.

Will the software recover from a damaged handset?

Yes and No. The phone needs to be functional and connected if you wish to recover directly from the handset. It is possible however, to recover from the latest iTunes backup file stored on your Mac without having the iPhone device connected.

Does your software require the iPhone to be jail broken?

No, our software does not require your iPhone to be jail broken. In addition, the software will not jailbreak your iPhone.

Which versions of Mac OS is the iPhone Recovery Pro compatible with?

The iPhone Recovery Pro software is compatible with Mac OS v10.5 – 10.9 (iPhone Recovery runs on OS X 10.10).

I have updated my iOS to the latest version. Is the product compatible with the latest iOS?

Yes, the iPhone Recovery Pro is constantly updated to ensure it is compatible with the latest version of iOS released by Apple. Currently the software is compatible with iOS 7.1.

Will the iPhone Recovery Pro work on an iPad?

Yes it will work but the data found is limited to the available features of the iPad in comparison to the iPhone – for example the recovery of SMS text messages may be limited since iPads do not have the standard GSM based text messaging service.

Which deleted data types can I recover using the iPhone Recovery Pro?

You can recover deleted SMS, Contacts, Call History, Notes and Calendar Items directly from your iPhone or on an iTunes Backup File.

Which existing data types can I view using using the iPhone Recovery Pro?

With the iPhone Recovery Pro, you can view existing SMS/Text Messages, Contacts, Call Log, Internet History, Map History*, Calendar Items, Device Properties, Notes, User Dictionary and Photos directly from your iPhone or from an iTunes backup file on your Mac.
*Please note Map History support may be limited for devices running on iOS 6 and later.

Can I export the data I have retrieved and/or recovered?

Yes, you can export all data (except Photos) as a .csv (a type of Excel compatible file) file and export photos to your local drive.

I have selected Recovery but I do not see the data I know I deleted.

It is important to act fast when recovering deleted data, or else it may become unrecoverable. If you see only a some recovered messages this is because the phone used that messages’ old space to write new data or the messages. Running the iPhone Recovery Pro multiple times or using another product will not recover any more data than the iPhone Recovery Pro has already recovered.

Can I use the iPhone Recovery Pro to transfer data back to my device?

Sorry, No – the software can be used to retrieve, recover and export data found by the software to your Mac, but it cannot be used to transfer or restore data back to your device.

  • 1 x Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet


iRecovery iPhone SMS and Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted TEXT or SMS messages
  • Recover iMessages
  • Restore deleted Files and data
  • Find deleted contacts and calls
  • Find photos hidden in the phone’s apps
  • Recover Internet history
  • Lists All Installed Apps
  • See Logs, including Skype Logs
  • Recover Deleted Data from these apps:
    • Gmail
    • Evernote, TextFree & TextPlus
    • Mail.ru, Vkontakte & KIK
Recover Data From Your iPhone – Deleted Contacts, Deleted SMS, Text, iMessages, and more!
If you think deleting text from a phone means it is gone forever, you better think again!The iRecovery Data Recovery Stick for iPhone can recover deleted items from an iPhone or iPad – even when the user thought was gone forever, the data is still there temporarily. ACT FAST THOUGH!

It’ll soon be truly gone forever if you allow the phone to be used too much (How Data Recovery Works).

Recover deleted contacts, text and SMS messages, iMessages, or anything else that may have disappeared from the phone . Even photos once thought hidden are exposed with iRecovery. The iRecovery is a small, thumb sized, USB stick. Connect the iOS device to a PC with the iRecovery. Press a button and the iPhone Data Recovery Stick retrieves loads of information. Recover things that you thought were lost from your iPhone (or hidden by those conniving kids) .
Compatible with all iPhones including the new iPhone 6 and any iPad!

Always Informed

  • Monitor how your son or daughter uses the iPhone, text messaging and internet use
  • Recover from iTunes Backups, even encrypted backups .
  • Restore deleted files and data
  • Find deleted contacts and calls
  • Find photos stored on the phone, see Internet history and cookies, GPS routes*, and more…

How It Works:

4 Easy Steps:
Step 1. Plug your iPhone into a PC**.
Step 2. Plug the iRecovery Stick into the PC’s USB port.
Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
Step 4. Run iRecovery.

Get text messages, contact info, browser history, call logs, e-mails, GPS Data *(see note)*, photos & more!

Use iTunes Backups

Don’t have the physical iPhone? No worries, iRecovery can import the iPhone’s data through its backup files stored on the computer it syncs to, even if the backups are encrypted! The recovery process will also download the contents of the phone such as contacts, call history, text messages, iMessage, pictures, and all other user data that can normally be backed up. Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the iRecovery Stick is ideal for professionals and concerned parents.

What Data Can Be Located and Recovered?

The iRecovery Stick will locate and recover any data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The information is presented in a simple read format. You may browse and sort by: number, data, type, and duration.

Recover Location Data on an Old iPhone!

If your phone is running iOS v4.3.2 or earlier, the iRecovery will recover every data location point stored in your phone. Now you can track exactly where your iPhone has been. Otherwise iRecovery will only recover GPS routes entered by the user. The latest version of the iRecovery Stick allows you to download the data tracking points stored on your iPhone for iOS versions through 4.3.2. Apple stopped storing this data in areas recoverable by the iRecovery Stick in iOS version 4.3.3. For example, one phone we tested this feature on had over 10,000 tracking points showing a detailed history of every location that phone was in for the last two years. The data is displayed in Google Earth (separate install) and includes time/date stamps of each location. Bottom line, GPS tracking is limited on iPhones using iOS 4.3.3 and later. The iRecovery Stick runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and Windows 8. It currently supports any modern iPhone running up to iOS 8. *Please Note: You must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a full recovery from the device.

Screen Shots of iPhone Recovery Software:

Do I need to “jailbreak” my device for this to work?

No. Jailbreaking or any kind of hack to make the device less secure is something that is NOT necessary, at all, to get this recovery software to work. Your device is safer with iRecovery because it doesn’t hack into the device or require to you lower security settings.

How far back can I recover deleted data?

It depends on how much new information has been added to the phone since the data was deleted. If you delete a text message and immediately add a large file, you may not be able to recover message. However, you may be able to recover a portion of the message.

What types of data can I recover?

You can recover text messages, contacts, call history, and calendar entries from iPhones. iRecovery also retrieves several other types of data (pictures or browsing history) that might be hidden or hard to find without the iRecovery.

How do I update my iRecovery Stick?

Your iRecovery Stick comes with free updates. To update your iRecovery Stick, run the program, click on the Tools menu and select “Check for updates”.

How do I disable the Passcode Lock on my phone?

The iRecovery Stick will not work on phones with a passcode lock. To disable the passcode lock, you must first have the existing passcode to get access to your phone. Once you access the phone, go to Settings, then go to General, then Passcode Lock.

Does the iRecovery Stick run on Mac OS?

No. The iRecovery Stick only runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/ Windows 8 based operating systems. If you have a Mac that has Windows, it should work, but it is not compatible with Mac OS X. Check out the CDRP for iPhone

How fast does it work?

Generally, recovery takes 20 minutes per GB of storage space on an iPhone, however, if there is very little data on the iPhone, it can take as little as 15 minutes. If you are loading backup files from iTunes, it only takes a few minutes to recover the data.

Does the iRecovery Stick get installed on my computer?

No, the iRecovery Sticks operates directly from the USB stick.

How do I check for new updates?

Updates do come out from time to time to ensure the most data possible and to support new versions of iOS (the iPhone operating system). Under the Tools menu at the top of the program is an update option. You must be connected to the Internet for it to complete an update.

Does this work on iPad or iPod Touch?

Yes. However, because these devices are not phones, you will not get SMS or phone logs.

What if I need technical help and support with the iRecovery Stick?

No problem at all! Technical support for the iRecovery stick is provided directly through the manufacturer. Please refer to your product packaging and box for this information. Note, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS, iTunes, iMessage are trademarks or technologies of Apple, Inc., Windows trademarks are owned by Microsoft, Inc..

iOS update setting

iOS 8 Upgrade

  • iRecovery Stick is ready for iOS 8! Fully supported.
  • Current owners of iRecovery Stick wanting iOS 8 support can download a free update. See the steps in our FAQ below.
  • If you own a version of iRecovery that does not come with iOS 8 support, you can download the free update and have iOS 8 support as well as a slew of other features.


iRecovery Stick - iPhone Data Restore PC Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Cell Provider Compatibility: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint
Scanning Time: Up to 20 minutes per GB of phone storage space
PIN Number Required : Yes, if the phone is PIN or password provided
USB: 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 required


specifications image
  • iRecovery Stick
  • Instructions
  • FREE Software Upgrades
  • Lifetime Technical Support

Hidden Nanny Cam in a nice Steel Clock

This super stylish, covert spy clock records video, takes photographs, has an ingenious motion and sound detector, and of course tells the time. With its stylish stainless steel finish and adjustable stand, the clock makes a desirable timepiece even without taking into account the added extras. But, it’s the hidden video, motion detector and stills camera that really allows its owner into the realm of James Bond. Perfect for keeping an eye on things at home or in the office, this ingenious clock is simple to use and comes with a USB cable for uploading the files onto your PC. It is impossible to detect the miniature camera lens in the clock face and the USB connection is discreetly placed at the back of the clock. A timepiece that will give you peace of mind.
  • Stylish stainless steel clock
  • Shoots video and takes photographs
  • Motion detector
  • Sound detector
  • Adjustable stand
  • Easy to operate
  • AVI video format
  • 4:3 image ratio
  • Supports windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista
  • Compatible with micro SD card – up to 8GB capacity
  • Requires lithium polymer battery (included)
  • Videos record at 30 frames per second at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.
  • Still pictures save at a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.

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Mini Clock with Hidden Cam-MiniClockDeluxe

Records on a Self Contained DVR This innocent looking Mini Clock Cam, concealing a hidden cam, is working around the clock keeping its watchful eye on what matters most. Even though it packs a high tech hidden camera, it still manages to be a fully functional Mini Clock Cam. The “All Included” line of nanny cams is among the easiest to setup and use. Unlike more advanced surveillance cameras, the video feed is recorded directly to the device’s memory. That makes setup as simple as pointing the camera and you’re finished.

Features: Day TimeFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

Mini Clock Cam is recommended for recording indoors. For more outdoor options, please see our outside hidden cams.

Plug the Mini Clock Cam into the wall for constant power (just don’t forget to pay the power bill). Mini Clock Cam is only recommended for recording in regular light situations. Many of our cameras will record in low light situations, but are not classified as night cameras. You can locate specific information on the specs tab of any of our products. If you need to record in dark conditions, look into our night vision hidden camsRecords in North American video standards (NTSC) and is powered by the North American Power Standard (110V).
As a special offer, we are including 2GB of bonus memory – totally free!
  • This camera can store 40 minutes per gigabyte of video in its memory. If you’ll need to record for longer periods of time please consider upgrading the memory.
  • Mini Clock Cam records at a screen resolution of 1280 x 960. For more details see our screen resolution help page.
  • Mini Clock Cam records at the frame rate of 30. For more details see our frame rate help page.
  • Mini Clock Cam is protected by a 1 year warranty. Please contact us for details.

Our line of mini clock cams are one of our bestselling products. These functional clocks with hidden cameras are a great option for covert recording.

Upgraded design. The sleek new design with blue LED display will fit in anywhere. The display cycles through time, date, and temperature.

High resolution video. Records both audio and 1280 x 960 color video.

Multiple settings. Use the remote control to choose between motion detection, audio only, and continuous recording settings.

Lengthy battery life. The included Li-Ion battery lasts for up to 12 hours on one charge.

Easy file transfer. Store up to 32GB of data on Micro SD.

Whether you’re looking for a nanny cam or to keep watch on your room while you’re away the Mini Clock Deluxe won’t let you down.

Records on a Self Contained DVR

Features: Day TimeFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

Records on built-in memory

Adapted for Indoor recording
AC powered
Daytime recording
NTSC video format and 110W power standards.
Includes 2GB of bonus memory
Backed by a 1 year warranty!
specifications image
  • Records 1280 x 960 color video and audio
  • Included Li-Ion battery lasts over 12 hours on one charge!
  • Capable of recording audio only
  • Remote control operation
  • Motion detection


Technical Specs
specifications image
  • Resolution:1280 x 960 @ up to 30fps
  • Viewing angle: 72 degrees
  • Battery life per charge: Over 12 hours of video recording (up to 25 on audio only)
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Storage: Supports up to 32GB Micro SD cards*
  • Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 40 minutes
  • Dimensions: Diameter: ~4″ Thickness: ~2″ at thickest point (tapers off towards top)

*Please note for best performance we recommend Class 6 or better MicroSD Cards


specifications image
  • 1 Mini-Clock-Deluxe
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

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Cell Phone with Hidden Cam-PhoneSpy

Cell phones are so ingrained in world, no one even thinks twice about them. Of course most phones these days have cameras built into them as well but those in obvious places on the phone. What if you need something a bit more covert? That’s where the PhoneSpy comes into play. With a camera hidden in the top of the phone you can walk around pretending to text message or even set the phone down on a table or counter and record everything that happens without anyone having even the slightest idea.

Records on a Self Contained DVRThis innocent looking cell phone, concealing a hidden cam, is working around the clock keeping its watchful eye on what matters most. Even though it packs a high tech hidden camera, it still manages to be a fully functional cell phone. The “All Included” line of nanny cams is among the easiest to setup and use. Unlike more advanced surveillance cameras, the video feed is recorded directly to the device’s memory. That makes setup as simple as pointing the camera.

Features: Day TimeFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: Indoor

Cell Phone Cam is recommended for recording indoors. For more outdoor options, please see our outside hidden cams.

Cam Resources
Check This Out:
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Power Adapter Hidden Camera DVR PRO
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Bluetooth Headset Hidden Camera
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Puppy Pal Cam
Hidden Camera Cell Phone
This camera is powered by either a battery or a wall outlet. Like regular battery powered cameras, you can put the camera in any safe place. However, if you are able to place it near an outlet, the camera can keep recording even during a power outage if you keep it plugged in. See the specifications page for details on battery life. Cell Phone Cam is only recommended for recording in regular light situations. Many of our cameras will record in low light situations, but are not classified as night cameras. You can locate specific information on the specs tab of any of our products. If you need to record in dark conditions, look into our night vision hidden cams. Records in North American video standards (NTSC) and is powered by the North American Power Standard (110V).
Hidden Camera Cell Phone
look closerSee More Top Secret Images
  • Protected by a 1 year warranty. Please contact us for details.

Recording Demo Video from this Camera

look closerSee More Top Secret Images

Records on a Self Contained DVR

Features: Day TimeFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: Indoor

Records on built-in memory

Adapted for Indoor recording
Battery & AC powered
Daytime recording
NTSC video format and 110W power standards.
Includes 0 of bonus memory
Backed by a 1 year warranty!
Hidden Camera Cell Phone
  • Motion Detection
  • Records color video
  • Can be used as a webcam
  • LCD Display shows view from camera (can be toggled off)
More Specs
specifications image
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Power supply: 1000mAh Li-Ion
  • Storage: SD Cards (2-16GB)
  • OS Support: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • LCD Dimensions: 1.45 x 1.15″
Hidden Camera Cell Phone
  • 1 PhoneSpy
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Software Disc w/ Instructions
  • Please note that a SD Card reader is recommended for this device.

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Wireless Color Camera with DVR Receiver-C800

Easy set up and portability this tiny wireless color camera transmits a distance of approximately 300 feet! The receiver is more than just your average wireless receiver it is also a DVR. Packed with features, motion detection, easy operation, and video storage on an SD card that can record up to 6 hours! This camera great for covert operations, nanny cams, room surveillance etc.

Super Ear Sound Amplifier-SE-4000

The Super Ear is your personal sound amplifier for anything indoors or outdoors!

The Super Ear is one of our most popular sound amplifiers. It has numerous uses such as: bird watching, live sporting events, and an inside hearing aid. Using the output jack you can record directly what the sound amplifiers hears. You can also connect the amplifier directly to headphones to listen to everything.

The Super Ear can be used indoors and outdoors making it useful for any activity. It comes with a directional microphone so you can hone in on exactly what you want to hear. The microphone can swivel 180 degrees for complete control on the direction of what you want to hear. The microphone is covered in a protective form wind screen, which will decrease any background noise like wind.

The Super Ear is also a great tool to use during meeting or school lectures. We all know it can be difficult to always hear exactly what is being said and sometimes a small mic on your phone or audio recording isn’t enough.

The Super Ear can also includes a binocular mounting clip, which is great for animal watching.



  • Super Ear Sound Amplifier
  • Binocular mounting clip
  • Velcro Strips
  • Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
  • Free Tech Support

Super Ear

Size: 6.75″ X 1.75″ .75″ Audio Output Jack: Compatible with most voice recorders


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Diasonic Voice + Phone Recorder and MP3 Player-D5300

This professional multi-use voice recorder is the only device you’ll ever need! The Diasonic Voice Recorder, featuring 2GB internal memory and includes an expansion slot that allows up to a 16 GB micro SD card, has the storage capacity to perform impeccably in both detective work settings as well as in sensitive business situations. The recorder can be used with a line phone, cell phone, a hand held recorder (used with built-in microphone) or body worn for covert operations (used with included external lapel microphone). It comes with an internal microphone that can be set to high or low sensitivity. For added convenience the recorder has a time and date stamp and a recording timer that can be preset to record a specific date, daily or weekly. The Diasonic Voice Recorder records linear PCM modulation, which is better than CD quality audio. This device features a voice activated mode, which means soon as audio is detected it will start recording immediately. It works as an MP3 player as well so you can even listen to all your favorite songs. Enjoy the built in radio tuner and listen in to your favorite FM radio stations. It’s a perfect all in one device for phone recording, born worn recording, listening to music, and much more!


  • 2GB internal memory (expandable to 16 GB SD card)
  • Long lasting battery that will support up 20 hours of recording on 1 charge. (AC Adapter includes for wall power)
  • Telephone Recording System
  • Record cell phone conversations (with optional accessory)
  • CD quality audio
  • Works as a regual MP3 Player so you can listen to your favorite music
  • Listen to the radio with the built in tuner
  • Date and time stamp
  • Preset to record a specific date and time
All of the included accessories:


  • Diasonic Digital Recorder Unit
  • Telephone Recording Kit
  • External Lapel Microphone
  • Stereo earphones
  • USB connector cable
  • User manual
  • AC Adapter
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Free Tech Support

Diasonic Voice Recorder
  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • 16GB External Memory (Not Included)
  • Recording Modes SHQ/HQ/SP
  • Recording indicator with red LED
  • Playback speed control (slow, normal, fast)
  • Variable play modes (repeat, continue, scan, search, alarm play)
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Batteries last up to 20 hours in record and playback
  • 6.3 Hours recording @ PCM
  • 70.5 Hours Recording @ HQ
  • 141 Hours @ SP
  • 282 Hours @ LP

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USB Covert Flashdrive Voice Recorder-D1400

It’s a flashdrive! It’s a hidden voice recorder too!

This device is a fully functional flash drive that doubles as a hidden voice recorder. This is the smallest and most easy to use voice recorder you will ever use! One switch simply turns it on and off. It requires no software to install or cable or batteries to hassle with. The flashdrive comes in 2 models: 2 GB and 8 GB.

In addition to being a hidden voice recorder, you can also use this device works as a functional flash drive. You can store all your important documents, photos, videos, and files all with one click.

It’s just as easy to playback recorded audio files just by connecting the flashdrive to a USB port, then clicking on the audio file you want to hear.You can record up to 4 full hours on a single charge, and with the 2 GB model record up to 40 hours of audio.

Special Price:

Regular Price: $49

Sale Price: $39


  • Flashdrive Voice Recorder
  • Product Manual
  • Free Tech Support

Dedicated Voice Recorder USB Flash with STEALTH MODE D1400 D1408User s ManualPlease read carefully before usePrecautions1 Do not use the USB Flash in extremely cold or hot conditions2 Do not expose to water3 Do not open USB Flash casing4 Never remove USB Flash from computer without using Safely Remove Hardware icon in system tray Warning It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to ensure that conversations are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the equipment is utilized In no way will the distributors or retailers of its products be held responsible for inappropriate or illegal use of this productUnit features and functions diagramLEDOperationTo start recording push the switch down and the red light will illuminate for a few seconds then go off the recorder is still recording until you push the switch up to turn offNote On stealth Recording Mode if battery is running low while recording the recorder will save the recording prior to shut down The indicator light will be offEndSave Recording Record Standby Push the switch up to stop the recording the red light will illuminate then turn off this ends the recording and saves itTo play recordings From PC Double click on any recorded file stored on USB flash or after saving to your PC Windows Media Player for Windows users the file will open and begin playing the recording back through your PC speakersConnection to the ComputerDirectly insert the unit in an available USB port After connection your PC will assign a drive letter shown in My Computer the drive will show as UVR Removable Mass Storage device You can now use the USB flash as a removable flash drive on your systemAfter connecting to computer you can treat your recording files as you would any computer file Drop and drag to your hard drive copy paste delete Rename the files to a date or eventA The red light flashes while downloading and remains on after the transmission is finishedB Never pull the unit out of USB port while data is being read or while transferring files otherwise the file will likely be corrupt or deletedC Always use Safely Remove Hardware icon in system tray to stop the USB FLASH from system before removing from the USB portNever just unplug a USB Device A USB port has electric current running through it so the power jolt caused by unplugging a hot connection can corrupt data and cause problems for your deviceYou can prevent such problems by doing a single left click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon down in the system tray by the clock See diagram belowYoull be given a list of USB devices that are active Highlight the one you want to remove Drive letter assigned to USB flash and do a single left click When the power shuts off Windows will tell you that it is safe to remove the device and then remove the device from the USB portCharging and RechargingWith a builtin rechargeable lithium battery you need only to insert the USB FLASH into a USB port on the PC After the connection is made the device LED will illuminate red then blink then stay on the unit is now chargingSpecificationsMemoryBatteryBattery LastUSB Transmission Speed Recording Bit RateRec Audio Sample Rate Frequency Range Output Power Operating System2 8 GB Units 1GB memory has up to 20 hours recording capability 100MAH37V Lithium rechargeable battery with charging voltage 51V Continuous recording time up to 4 hours after full chargeUSB 20 Maximum 960KBPS 128KBPS32KHz 20HZ 20KHZ 4mW4mW16 QPlug Play for Win2000XPMENTMac 86 or higher

USB Flashdrive Voice Recorder (2 GB)
  • 20 Hours of Footage per GB
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • 4 Hours Battery Life per Charge
  • 1.5 Hours Charge Time
  • .WAV File Format
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Max OS X Compatible

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How do you record audio with the flashdrive? There is a switch on the side of the flashdrive that allows you to turn on or off the audio recording

What format are the audio files saved as? The audio files are in the .WAV format, which can be read by all computers.

How long is the battery life? The battery will last up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Does this device actually work as a flashdrive? Yes, you can use it as a typical flashdrive to store all your files.

How can I tell it is actually recording audio? A red light near the microphone will display 3 times indicating a recording has began. After the 3 flashes, the light will turn off so it can record completely covertly.