Hidden Surveillance housed in a working Digital Picture Frame. So many homes use Digital picture frames these days. They show guests slide shows of pictures from family vacation, family members and good memories. However, this Digital picture is also taking its own pictures! The hidden camera built into this digital picture frame will capture all the action and keep your nanny and suspicious guests on their toes. Hidden cameras make it harder to tamper with surveillance, keeping your surveillance equipment more safe from a bad guy who will defiantly want to cover his tracks by breaking visible surveillance cameras.
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Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Day TimeFeatures: Internet ViewingFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: Rca TvFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

This SleuthGear camera wireless connects to a receiver that does it all! Record up to 4 cameras on a single SD Card or RCA Device! Connect it to a PC Via USB or a VCR/Monitor with an RCA output. You can easy remote view your video feeds using internet access with extreme ease. Other internet cameras require complex router configurations, but our software gets around that complexity and automatically gets your videos online with password protection.

This system can connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously over a wireless connection and record the video feed. All four video feeds collected by the DVR can be viewed online from a browser or even a mobile device such as iPhone or an Android device.

  • Watch video remotely by following a link and entering your password
  • Record locally to an SD card
  • Connect via USB to your PC then watch and record
  • Connect via RCA to your TV, DVR or VCR then watch and record
  • Connect 1-4 cameras to one receiver
  • Connect 4 SleuthGear Wireless camers. Remember, 1 camera is already included, so you only need to order 3 to complete your set!

The camera itself has a high quality color yet low LUX lens, meaning even in low light the image will maintain much of its detail. If you require a camera that includes the IR bulbs for capturing night vision, check out these night-vision cameras and these HD cameras.

Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Day TimeFeatures: Internet ViewingFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: Rca TvFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

  • System Requirements: 
    • Online/Remote Video Access requires a PC Running the supplied ASP4 Software with the Wireless Receiver connected to the USB port.
    • Recommend internet speed: 1 MB per second upload speed
    • Browsers for Remote View: Internet Explorer 8+ or Chrome
    • CPU: 2.0GHz,  1GB RAM
    • Display card: Independent display card and support DirectX 9.0 or higher
    • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 (.NET Framework 3.5 higher)
    • To use the remote viewing on iPhone/iPad, iPhone 3 or higher iPad iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Receiver: 
    • 4 Channels
    • Channels Hopping: 53CH for NTSC / 18CH for PAL
    • Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
    • Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)
    • Recording File Format: .TL4 (playback with bundled ASP4 Software)
    • Recording Storage: SD card (Support up to 32GB)
    • Recording Mode: Schedule Motion / Schedule Continuous / Panic /
    • Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480 / Quad View
      640×480@30fps per Channel 1CH Recording / 4CH Quad Recording
    • USB Connection
    • Power: 12V
    • Power Consumption: 12V 280mA
    • Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
  • Transmitter 
    • Channels Hopping: 24 channels
    • Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
    • Power Consumption: 12V 270mA (with camera) 12V 120mA (w/o camera)
    • Power: 12V
    • Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480@30fps
    • Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)
  • Zone Shield® Camera Unit
  • 4 CH. Wireless Receiver
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Remote View Software
  • USB Cable
  • RCA Cable

How Much Video Does an SD Card Hold?

If you get a 32 GB SD Card, it will hold over 64 hours of footage. If you enable motion detection, you could theoretically record many days of activity by capturing only the times where there is movement in the area.

What happens when the SD Card is full?

That is up to you. The most popular option is to have the older footage overwritten by new footage, so it cycles. This option is popular because many users only access surveillance recordings when they notice something has gone wrong. This means they’ll need fewer SD Cards.

How Does Online Viewing Work?

Online viewing is simple to access and easy to setup. It requires you connect the wireless receiver to a compatible PC through USB. The PC runs our software and transmit the video to our password protected server. It is entirely automatic once you get it setup and running. You only need to open a compatible web browser or install a free app on your mobile device and enter the access code you get from your PC.

What cameras work with this system?

Any of these Zone Shield Cameras will connect with this system. Some cameras include night vision, others do not but all are low LUX cameras.

Do I Really need a PC?

Maybe Not! Instead of seeing the video on a computer, you can connect the receiver to a TV, Monitor or even a VCR via the RCA connection. There is a remote control that is included that can control the features of the receiver. Access all your SD Cards video right from the device! The main feature that requires a PC is the remote, online viewing, of video feeds. You’ll also need a PC to convert the recordings to another file format (SD Card recordings require the included PC Software to get in new file formats).

Can anyone see my videos online?

Your video feeds are password protected. You’ll want to make sure that you setup a secure password that no one can guess to help ensure that no one will eavesdrop on your videos. The password itself is kept by your computer, so no one else will have it when you make it.

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Records Wirelessly to a DVR

Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Day TimeFeatures: Internet ViewingFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: Rca TvFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

  • Adapted for Indoor recording
  • AC powered
  • Daytime recording
  • NTSC video format and 110W power standards.
  • Motion Activated Recording or Continuous Recording Mode
  • Video File size per hour: 120 minutes per gigabyte
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • Framerate: 30
  • Watch video over the internet
  • Audio-less recordings
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty!
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Advanced Recording settings
  • Watch video on RCA compatible TVs
  • Time stamp overlaid on recordings