Keep a steady eye on what’s important using our Live GPS Tracking Devices or keep a record with our GPS Loggers.

  • Stayed informed of your teenager’s whereabouts
  • Stay on top of trucks or rental cars with live vehicle tracking
  • Setup a GPS geofence around an area to make sure the tracker stays within that fence.

Installing Live GPS Trackers or GPS Data Loggers

One of the most important aspects to GPS Tracking is how you install it. Do you need to hide the tracker from an employee who might tamper with it? Do you need GPS that is less hidden but also does vehicle diagnostics? Let us help you pick the right GPS Tracker for you. Below are some common ways to install GPS Trackers along with some pros and cons. Follow the title for more details and a list of products.

Magnet Connect

Some GPS Trackers can be installed on a vehicle using a strong magnet. These trackers can be hidden underneath the car (see your trackers instructions about the best place to mount) so they are less likely to be tampered with by an employee who might try to hide non-work related activities. GPS trackers with magnetic mounts often run off a battery when mounted, though some also include a way to power the device. Others use accessory magnetic cases, so you can leave the magnet on the vehicle but remove the tracker.

See our list of magnetic mountable GPS Trackers.

OBD Port

OBDSome GPS Trackers are installed via the OBD port found on nearly every vehicle. Not only can they provide GPS tracking, many can report diagnostic information in real time! OBD ports are standard in modern vehicles and easy to access from inside the cab.

Here we provide a list of our live GPS trackers that connect to the vehicle via ODB port.

Mount Free, Portable GPS Trackers

No mounts are necessary and may not be desired at all? You may not be interested in tracking a vehicle. Sometimes tracking inventory and goods is more important. In these cases, having a mount may not be necessary at all. A flexible, portable GPS Tracker may be a better idea. Consider a small GPS Tracker can fit in most packages or bags, or can simply sit in the cab on the dashboard.

Here we provide a list flexible, portable GPS Trackers

Who Use’s GPS Tracking Devices?

Teenage Drive

Parents of Teenage Drivers:

Parents of teenage drivers will have more peace of mind with GPS Tracking. In addition to being able to see where your child is and has been driving, you can also receive speed warnings and geofence warnings if they are traveling too fast or go outside of a specific area. These warnings can be sent directly to your phone or by email letting you know if they are speeding, or driving somewhere they aren’t supposed to be going.



Companies that issue employee vehicles:

More companies are getting smart by using GPS Tracking on their vehicles. This can improve efficiency, which could make investing in GPS Technology a very good investment.  Our GPS Tracking devices keep very detailed records of driving history, which can protect the company and an employee.  

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