The basic technology behind data recovery is similar on all devices (you can read how data recovery works here). However, not all types of data recovery software work the same way. Therefore, you’ll need a data recovery program made specifically to seek out what you need.  For example, recovering Text Messages is more involved than recovering a simple text file. The program needs to know what to look for when scanning for lost text messages. Read more about the kinds of data recovery  options below

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Data Recovery for Computers

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Data recovery on computers has become amazing in what it can do. The obvious use, recovering a file you accidentally deleted, is no longer the limits! Consider recovering images… sure a data recovery program can find deleted images, but wouldn’t it be cool if it could find a specific kind of image? It can. We have data recovery programs that can look for specific kinds of images, such as phonographic images, automatically. Data recovery can undelete internet history, too. The following products scan windows computers for deleted data, or even hidden data, to help you enforce how your computer is used.

Some may think it is over protective to stop someone from accessing  porn sites.  Not so! Not only are porn sites notorious for spyware, the wrong kind of porn site can land the owner of the computer in deep trouble. You are responsible for your computer and your internet usage. If anything illegal is going on, you are the person the authorities will be seeking out for questions. Take action now, make sure your computer isn’t being abused and stop others from misusing your valuable personal computer.


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Data Recovery for Phonesphone

The world of cellphones is changing rapidly. It has not only created new improvements to our lives, the new technology leaves behind different kinds of data footprints. A text message is not as easy to recover as a lost file.  So now we have programs designed to look for the specific kinds of files phones make for themselves. Phone recovery can scan for lost or deleted sms messages, images, internet history and more.  Have a look at these products for smart phones.  Find the product that works with your phone and undelete that item you didn’t intend to lose. But hurry, the more you use your phone the harder it will be to recover the data!

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