Picking a nanny cam does not have to be technical or hard, even if you are new. Remember, the goal here is adding a layer of protection for your loved ones and valuables, learning all about the latest breaking technology is far from necessary to accomplish this. The real question is this:

How much surveillance do you need?

There are different levels of video surveillance, and the biggest difference between them all has to do with how quickly you need to see what the camera sees. Do you need access to your cameras at all times, or is it ok to leave them alone for long periods of time and only look at them when a problem has occurred?

Basic Self Recording Hidden Cameras

simple hidden camera setupThe most basic surveillance involves a simple a camera recording everything. Turn it on, point it and leave it there ’till you need to see what’s on it. There are no emergency situations, you’ll only want it after you suspect a problem has already occurred. These cameras tend to come at a lower cost and are easy to setup.

Getting Started With Self Contained Hidden Cameras
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Centralized Surveillance Camera Systems

centralized surveilance systemsThe camera is in one place but the recording and tv monitors is somewhere else, often with multiple cameras connected to it. The advantage here is the speed of accessing footage is much faster.  Instead of walking around to each camera and getting its video one at a time, all the video is in one place.  They also can offer live surveillance, so not only is the scene being recorded as evidence, you have the ability to react right then. Setup is still easy.

Getting Started with Centralized Surveillance Systems
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Remote Viewing Online Surveillance Systems

remote viewing surveillance  camerasThe coolest level security allows access to the centralized system from a remote location. For example, someone might get online and check in on their office when they are away. Of course, you do not need the huge network of surveillance systems, you might only want to check on your kids while you are at work. However, remote surveillance can allow someone to monitor multiple systems from multiple locations. If you have an office in two different towns, you could check in on both from from a completely different location.

Getting Started with Remote Online Security and Surveillance Systems
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