The Bush Baby Humidifier is our newest addition to our line of great covert cameras. This unit is perfect to monitor a nanny, watch over a loved one or keep an eye on your house when you are away. The constant power supply ensures that a dead battery doesn’t interrupt the surveillience. The working humidifyer is a common household item; this unit will not draw any extra attention.

Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Day TimeFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A CFeatures: Sd Memory

This camera uses Micro SD Cards to record its video. Record HD quality (1280 x 720) video! You can choose to either record continuously, or use the motion detection. It records HD quality 1280 x 720p video and you can choose to record continuously or with the motion detection. Since this device accepts an MicroSD cards you swap or replace MicroSD cards on the fly! Because this unit is powered through the wall you never need to worry about maintaining battery life.

Don’t forget, we offer free shipping to the Continental US and a low rate Flat Rate shipping everywhere else. You’ll also get free phone or email support to help you get everything setup (toll fees may apply). This set comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Packages are shipped discreetly, we won’t put our logo or website all over your package!

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Easy to read Specs:

Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Day TimeFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A CFeatures: Sd Memory

  • DVR Resolution: 720p HD quality video
  • Angle of view: 62°
  • AC/Outlet Powered
  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720p @ 30FPS
  • Records on Micro SD Cards
  • Rechargeable Battery: 10 or 30 hours*
  • Mac OS X and Windows Compatible (XP,Vista,7,8+)

*Basic specs are 10 hours and many cameras are upgradable depending on your selection during checkout.

  • Bush Baby Hidden Camera
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cables
  • Micro SD Card**
  • User Manual

**Basic orders include a minimum capacity of 2GB, however you can add a higher capacity SD Card to your order during checkout.

How Much Video Does its Memory Hold?

At full resolution, the video will take up about 20-30 minutes per 1GB. A 32 GB card could hold up to 16 hours of straight recording. Remember, surveillance that uses motion detection will conserve memory usage because it only captures activity.

What happens when the Memory is full?

That is up to you. The most popular option is to have the older footage overwritten by new footage, so it cycles. This option is popular because many users only access surveillance recordings when they notice something has gone wrong.

Do need a PC or a Mac?

Both work great! Use a SD Card reader to access the video files; you can open the video files using a video playing program on either system.

How do I control it?

It comes with a remote control that you can use to activate the camera and set its options.

Do These Cameras Record Audio?

Sorry, we do not sell hidden audio recording devices on our site. We recommend against purchase anything that is hidden and records audio – failure to do so might violate federal laws. Law enforcement and other special parties can inquire about audio features on some devices. (We will need proof and documents, please contact us for the details.)

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