A recommended Extra to any Fleet tracker! Some GPS Trackers can be installed on a vehicle using a strong magnet. These trackers can be hidden underneath the car (see your trackers instructions about the best place to mount) so they are less likely to be tampered with by an employee who might try to hide non-work related activities. GPS trackers with magnetic mounts often run off a battery when mounted, though some also include a way to power the device. Others use accessory magnetic cases, so you can leave the magnet on the vehicle but remove the tracker.

Are you tracking a fleet of vehicles? You may have opted for a live GPS Tracker that sits inside the cab or OBD port. While it is convenient to have access to GPS Trackers, a bad employee might unplug it or try to interfere with its GPS Signal to cover non-work related use of a vehicle. If you should ever suspect this, it might be wise to have a magnet mounted GPS logger as a backup. When you have a suspicion, attach the no-fee data logger and compare its logs with the live GPS tracker.