Nannies Caught by Nanny Cam

Warning, videos contain graphic content of real events and people

It is difficult to think that anyone would hurt a child. Sadly, the unimaginable is a real occurrence.  While many cases of child abuse goes unpunished and unproven, nanny cams are putting a stop to the cruelty of others and bringing some justice for their victims and their families.  Below are real, shocking videos captured by nanny cams that have gone viral and helped save lives.

These videos and stories are disturbing.  There are some important notes we want you to keep in mind. We linked to articles that show the outcome of any trial that resulted out of the nanny cam footage whenever possible. We try only to show videos where the person was indeed found guilty of the acts implied by the videos.

[sg_container class=”body-block1″ style=”float:left; width:140px;”]A babysitter from Jacksonville, FL has been sentenced to state prison after pleading guilty to 3 out of 4 counts of felony child abuse. 53 year old, Jeannine Marie Campbell, was facing 20 years, when she accepted a plea bargain, last month.Duval County, circuit court Judge Adrian Soud sentenced Campbell to eight years – for three separate counts, with seven years probation. She was credited 163 days, after spending six months in county jail awaiting trial.

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FL Babysitter Given 8 Years

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[sg_container class=”body-block1″ style=”float:left; width:140px;”]The nightmare nanny caught on camera slapping and shaking a 5-month-old Staten Island girl has admitted abusing the baby and now faces up to 10 months behind bars, prosecutors said Tuesday. Mamura Nasirova, 52, pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child Monday for the horrible Jan. 28 attack captured on a hidden camera

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Nightmare Nanny Pleads Guilty Child Abuse…[/sg_container]

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[sg_container class=”body-block1″ style=”float:left; width:140px;”]The Kuantan Malaysian court has sentenced Yuliana, a housemaid from Indonesia, to 20 years of imprisonment for attempted murder and physical violence against her employer’s child.

As reported by New Straits Times on Tuesday (19/2), Mohd Azhar Othman, Kuantan Court Judge, has sentenced the 24-year-old maid to 15 years in prison for her first charge and five additional years for her second charge.

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Indonesian Maid in Malaysia Caught Tossing Baby on Ground[/sg_container]

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A nanny cam is an amazing tool, and one should be used as a deterrent to crime. They are hidden to prevent tampering, but being hidden means a nanny will always wonder when and where they are being recorded, it helps to thwart any thought that they can get away with something. A nanny who knows he or she is being watched on invisible surveillance systems is far less likely to ever harm a child. That is why nanny cams should be installed before any suspicions arise.

Never take the law into your own hands and put a child or your family at risk for the purpose of collecting evidence. If you have serious suspicions that a child is in danger, report the danger first. While the nannies in these videos were caught, thanks to nanny cams, imagine how much safer the children might have been had these nannies knew they were being watched.  How much safer would the children been had the parents simply trusted their instincts and fired the nanny? Get a nanny cam, but use it to prevent abuse in hopes that you never capture it on tape. If you think you might capture abuse, find a new nanny and get a nanny cam for the next one.

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