Toy holding a camera - Should you Get a Hidden Camera Nanny cam In A Toy

The media has made the term “nanny cam” famous. The powerful images of a nanny harming a helpless young child caught on a hidden camera are our paramount in our minds. However, there are more to nanny cams and they come in a wide variety of options and styles. It really begs the question “What is a nanny cam?”

Movies and TV shows depict nanny cameras as cameras hiding in a child’s toys. In reality, and on our site, most hidden cameras are not toys at all (and for good reason). When cameras are hiding in decor and every day common house hold objects, catching a bad nanny is only a part of their usefulness. They can catch a bad employee, a thief, or they can enable you to be a long distance nanny.

Cameras that suit term “nanny cam” are also cameras that can universally be used for other surveillance aspects. People who want a camera specifically to monitor their nanny should not automatically seek out a toy containing hidden camera unless that option fits the layout of their house the best. Surveillance can be hindered and interrupted by a child who likes to play with the actual hidden camera. If your nanny does most of childcare in a living room, would it make sense for a stationary toy that never gets played with? If you want a toy-hidden-cam in a child’s room, does that toy stick out as odd when it is never moved or played with?

It makes more sense to have a hidden camera in a clock, a plant, or some other decor because they are so often left alone. You can put these items anywhere in a lot of homes, and they just don’t have that “nanny cam” reputation for hiding cameras.

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