Parents. We don’t give advice on raising children (there are some tips here). Still, we know you may have concerns about using data recovery on your devices. Ideally, you want to always respect your kids privacy. They need more of it as they get older, and as you try give them more privacy you earn their respect. Is data recovery crossing that line? Or is it better to be safe than sorry?

Ironically, if you own a phone data recovery stick, you may never need to cross that line. We think if you tell the kids you’ll be using data and text recovery, you will be less likely to actually need it.

Doing this might empower your kids to do the right thing even in the face of peer pressure. They will know not misuse their phones because you are involved. They can tell their friends you are checking the phone. This might help take is a lot of pressure off a kid – especially when they know you really are able to check in!

Don’t wait!
Should the need ever to recover text messages ever come, you’ll be ready. As you may know, data recovery is works best when you use it immediately after something is deleted. If you have wait for an order to arrive, you may miss the chance to recover the deleted data. Plus, that threat to monitor phone usage is taken more seriously when you already own a recovery stick.

If you did wait…
Your kids know that with enough time/usage, even data recovery can’t recover a deleted file. The best chance you have to recover data is by turning the phone off until its recovered… and we don’t expect that to go over well.

hard driveHow Recovery Works…

Do you have questions about data recovery? How long do you have to recover data? How does it work? Check out our guide to how data recovery works for all the details.

Computers and mobile devices take shortcuts when it comes to deleting a file. They don’t really wipe out the data, only its “name” is removed from a list of available files. The data remains until the computer decides the location it is using in memory is needed – at which point it’ll replace the old space with something new. Read more…

Time matters, but only in terms that your device might decide it needs that space for a new file. You can turn off the device and possibly keep it from using that memory.

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