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If you’re a little worried that someone may be spying on you, but you’ve had no real way of knowing for sure, then this is going to be of interest to you.

Hidden cameras can be concealed in almost anything these days. That innocent looking light switch, DVD player, or even the smoke detector that tends to be “out of sight, out of mind”, can be gathering information on you; so what can you do about hidden video and audio recording devices?

We have a wide variety of hidden audio and video bug detectors, and they will help you to guard your

How are the detectors able to find these hidden devices?

There are two ways in which hidden cameras can be detected. The first method of detection is to use an infrared viewer which is attached to an LED light that flashes. The light will bounce off of the curved surface of the camera’s lens, and this will be picked up by the viewfinder. It doesn’t matter if the camera is wired in, wireless, or the size of a pinhole, if it has a lens you’ll find it.

The second way involves detecting the signal being sent by a wireless video transmitter. The big drawback with this method, however, is that the video camera has to be sending signals wirelessly for it to be found in this way.

How do you detect an audio bug?

Audio bugs can be dime sized and transmit a conversation that can be received as much as 500 feet away; this makes them very useful to people who may have a reason to spy on you. They can be more difficult to detect than video surveillance, but there are audio bug detectors that will be able to locate them for you.