Guide for Zone Shield® Quad Wireless – 4XWireless Systems from


Are you ready? Have not one but four of your own security cameras to monitor your home! These Zone Shield® Quad Camera Sets will make it easy.

These Camera sets connect up to 4 cameras together, wirelessly. They will record all 4 camera’s video to an SD Card like your digital camera uses and allow you to review the footage on a TV, PC, or even online! Connect this system to your computer’s internet and view your cameras live feed from anywhere! There are mobile iPhone, iPad and Android apps to allow you to stay connected to your cameras. Get a system with a built in LCD monitor to make setup super easy!

  • Connect up to 4 Cameras
  • Record all 4 Cameras on one wireless receiver
  • Choose between two Receivers:
    • Basic Wireless Receiver Connects to TV, PC or any RCA device.
    • Advanced Wireless adds a 7″ LCD Monitor to the basic receivers features
  • Watch all four cameras online, even on an iPhone or Android device.
  • All cameras work well in low light, but you can also pick models with night vision.
  • Motion Detection option to save memory and cut back on review time!

Free Support! We’ll make sure you’ve got this all setup, connecting you with the free phone support.

Step 1 – Pick One Camera Set

Are you ready to get started? First, pick you first Camera + Wireless DVR below. Add the camera to your cart! Once you pick your favorite camera, you can add up to 3 more to your order.


 Step 2 – Pick up to Three Add-on Cameras

Now Add up to 3 more cameras from the list below. Click Add to Cart, or follow the next button to see even more cameras.



 Step 3 – You’re Done! Checkout

Ready To Check out? Click here. And don’t forget to take 5% off your order with the code secure!