Text, SMS, iMessage and Data Recovery Possibilities

If you need to recover one of your deleted text messages, you’ve come to the right place. Text and SMS Recovery on smart phones, such as iPhone and Android is possible, but you need to hurry. You also need the right tools to recover your messages. Bookmark us!

Special Recovery Software – It’s Required

Unfortunately, there is no good free solution for recovering text messages. The behind-the-scenes programming that goes into data recovery is very difficult, and requires dedication from a professional product. Every time there is a phone update, things get moved around. That is why, though you may search for a solution, you are going to end up getting a professional program to recover your data. Luckily, they are affordable and there is a healthy market for reselling recovery programs if you no longer need it. Moreover, think about the savings you’ll have when you recover that important text message for your business.

Let’s Get Right To The Tools

Several recovery options are available, but three standout.  We have those three ranked here for the iPhone, and here for the Android. In all, these three USB sticks are the best tools for the job:

Data Recovery for iPhoneiRecovery The All-in-one Recovery it®Recover IT Android RecoveryAndroid Recovery

How Recovery Works

These tools work by scanning the phone for chunks of free space that once housed the actual data you want to recover. They work external from the phone, meaning they do not need to be installed on the phone itself. Rather they use your computer to do all the scanning. This is far better than a recovery app, because you risk permanently deleting your valuable data whenever you install an app. Connect the USB stick to your computer, and soon it’ll automatically begin the process of data recovery.

Hurry! Time is Against You

Deleted files do not actually expire, instead they risk being replaced with new data. When that happens, the chances of recovering that data is all but gone. So you need to hurry. If you download a large movie or app, that may ruin the chances of getting the file back. Do not wait for the need to arise, have one of these recovery options on stand by for your company owned phones. If you did wait for the need to arise, we recommend that you stop using the phone to as soon as possible. Just turn it off until you get one of these incredible recovery tools!


Do I need the unlock code to recover data?

Yes, pretty much. It is best to have the code, though some recovery sticks can by pass it – still, you’ll need to have the phone unlocked to enable the lock code bypass feature. Carefully read each of the descriptions for details. Remember, you should already have the unlock code if you own the phone.

Are there any iPhone Recovery Sticks for the Mac?

Yes, the CPDRiPhone does Mac OS X and Windows, but iOS 8 support is not yet available. If your iPhone is using iOS 7, look into this easy software!

I Lost my phone. Do I need the iPhone to be present?

No! iPhones do not need to be available to recover data, believe it or not. If you lost your iPhone, there is hope for you to get back you data by scanning iTunes backup files for your device. However, encrypted backups are usually harder to scan.

What can be recovered?

Read each product description for the details. Most (but not all) products can retrieve pictures, internet usage, phone call logs, app install lists, calendars, and more.

I am not very good with computes. What support is available for these products?

The three main products we listed above offer excellent, lifetime, support. Call, email, and you’ll find a helpful english speaking expert is there to understand and use these products!

 More Ways to Recover Data


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