Losing pictures from an SD Card is very common, and it can happen even if you don’t want it too. The good news is that you can get those pictures back with the right tools and best practices!

Step 1: Damaged Card?

So you lost your pictures. If you lost your pictures and don’t remember deleting them, the best thing to do first is to inspect the SD Card for damage. Does it appear to be cracked, bent, or discolored? Unfortunately, a damaged SD Card will exhibit those signs and recovering images becomes very difficult and might require a data recovery service with special hardware and tools. If you see no damage, that is a good sign that you can get your images back without an expensive data recovery service.

Step 2: Card Usage?

The most important factor in recovering data is this: how much has the card been used since the data vanished? The less usage, the greater chances you have to recover data. If you act fast, stop using the card and recover the data, you’ll probably be able to recover your photos.

Step 3: Recovery Sticks

Have a look at these recovery sticks. If you think your SD Card is ready for data recovery, these software products will restore what is possible to be recovered.