Secure Shopping

What Makes Shopping Here Secure?

When you submit a credit card payment to us, we never keep a copy of the card information. Once the payment information is processed it is immediately discarded. Behind the scenes the payment is processed through Paypal, the industry leader in payment processing. There, none of your card data is made available to us for reuse or recovery. Thanks to these measures, breach in our systems cannot result in the recovery of your credit card number.

How is this site secured?

As you checkout, the information you send us is encrypted by your internet browser before it goes across the internet. It can only be decrypted by our website, so even as your private information is submitted, prying eyes cannot take a peek. The kind of encryption used by our site is powerful. Even if someone had a copy of your encrypted data, it could theoretically take many lifetimes for even a super computer to decrypt it! So by using a secure tunnel between your computer and our servers, your information is exchanged safely and worry free.