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[sg_container class=”body-block1″ width=”640”]Is your home secure? Let us help!

Home should feel safe. We can give you the tools you need to keep it that way. If you need a simple Nanny Cam or a centralized surveillance system the following list will get you started.


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All-in-one Camera + DVR system hidden in a beautiful clock. This nanny cam features motion activated recording, video review software, and TV connectivity + remote. It is easy to setup, use, and share videos should the need ever arise (and we hope it doesn’t). Learn More Mantle Clock Nanny Cam Details

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Setup a centralized wireless surveillance system and connect up to 4 cameras! The nanny cam hides inside an oscillating records at day or with night vision. The wireless quad reliever allows you to view videos online with no complicated router setup. Learn More

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