Data recovery for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without hacking, jailbreaks and on-device apps.


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How do you restore deleted text messages from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? These three recovery programs do all the hard work, and it couldn’t be easier. Get deleted text messages! See internet history, emails with pictures call logs and more. All these kinds of data are accessible with the right recovery software. Not only that, but you’ll get real product support should anything technical get in your way.

safe recovery

Our scans are safe for your device. Other recovery apps may want you to hack your phone via a process called a “Jailbreak.” We’re different! Our top three recovery solutions do not require any special steps, its as easy as clicking a scan button. (Jailbreaking can actually permanently remove the deleted data you wanted to recover. We highly recommend against it or downloading apps to recover data – your data is easier to recover if you do not install recovery apps on it. See how data recovery works). Best of all, our software only scans the memory, it doesn’t alter the device (there will be no unsightly apps on your device). You won’t be handing your kids a hacked phone.

better recovery

Downloadable recovery? We recommend software that runs on USB Sticks and here’s why: They are physical devices you can take anywhere and put away until you need it. Downloading software is a pain and the files are easy to lose. Downloading is more technical; computers rarely ever trust downloaded programs and give security warnings (perhaps for a good reason since programs can contain spyware or use hacking methods to access your device.)

That is why we made a list of the top data recovery USB Sticks. These recover text messages, data or images and  monitoring of phone usage that are easy, secure and work. You can lock them up, take them to any PC and run the recovery right off the USB Stick. You’ll love the details we’ll give and the support you’ll receive.

The process is simple. Our USB sticks connect to your computer and gain normal access to your device for a scan. It knows where to look and how to recover sectors of missing data automatically. When you disconnect the device, nothing is harmed, altered, or added. Anything found is placed in a report.

The time you’ll save by not having to hack, or comb over the internet for a “free” solution is worth the price of these top recovery sticks. You are not alone, with free phone and/or email support.

Time is critical! We ship fast and free† If you wait too long, simple phone usage can lower the chances of recovering a deleted texts. Read our note to parents.

#1 The iRecovery USB Stick Supports up to iOS 8

The iRecovery USB Stick will download the contents of the iPhone. Items such as such as contacts, call history, text messages, pictures, and all other user data that can normally be backed up. Supports the latest iOS 8!

  • The iRecovery Stick can recover deleted Text/SMS
  • U.S. Based Phone Support
  • Recover iMessages
  • See entries from Calendar, Call Log, and Contacts.
  • See call history including whether it was incoming or outgoing, the time the call was made, and the duration of the call.
  • Gathers all photographs taken on the phone, as well as pictures inside of apps, advertisements, and other media thumbnails, and photos uploaded to the phone.
  • GPS Tracking is possible on iPhones using iOS 4.3.2 or earlier. See the description for details.
  • Gets data from apps such as Gmail data and certain other apps.  See the details for more information.

PROS: We Love that it is up to date, Supporting the most iOS devices. Tech support is excellent!

CONS: We wish it worked natively on the Mac.

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#2 Recover It! Recovers iPhone data as well as Android and PC files!

[product_listing]P9910[/product_listing]“Recover It” is a new tool that was introduced to the market. The Recover It® helps users  get back information that they thought they’d lost forever on their smartphones and computers. Works on devices up to iOS 7!

  • Recover text messages on iPhones,  iPad, iPod Touch, Android (even 4.0+) and Blackberry
  • U.S. Based Phone Support
  • Read deleted emails
  • Recover deleted videos or pictures
  • Save, view, or delete chat logs
  • Find hidden pornography in internet cache files or deleted pictures
  • Shred selected file or file types permanently
  • Clean your cached data with the Privacy Erase feature for better system performance and to maintain your privacy
  • Search your smart phone or PC for over 25 types of files

PROS: This device will work on the iPhone, and then some! Android, PC, Blackberry and more. Fantastic tech support.

CONS: It hasn’t been updated to support iOS 8 yet – but that may not be a problem for those who are holding out on iOS 8.

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#3 CDRPiPhone – Pro Data Recovery for iPhone

[product_listing]CDRPiPhone[/product_listing] CDRPiPhone – Get the USB Software that runs on Windows or Mac and recovers deleted and existing data on devices up to iOS 7.0.3!

  • Works on Windows and Mac – Mac OS X Users! Look into this product for data recovery from iPhones on Mac.
  • Recover deleted contact records
  • Recover deleted messages
  • Recover deleted call history
  • Recover deleted calendar and notes

PROS: This program is incredibly easy to use and makes wonderful reports. It also runs on the Mac, which is rare in recovery software. Support is built in to the app, but you may not even need it.

CONS: It is still lacking an update to iOS 8, we hope that will happen soon!

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hard driveHow Recovery Works…

Do you have questions about data recovery? How long do you have to recover data? How does it work? Check out our guide to how data recovery works for all the details.

Computers and mobile devices take shortcuts when it comes to deleting a file. They don’t really wipe out the data, only its “name” is removed from a list of available files. The data remains until the computer decides the location it is using in memory is needed – at which point it’ll replace the old space with something new. Read more…

Time matters, but only in terms that your device might decide it needs that space for a new file. You can turn off the device and possibly keep it from using that memory.

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