Will iRecovery Work on the iOS Updates?

Almost every year Apple Rolls out an update to their popular iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you are in the market recovery software for the iPhone or iOS, you may be happy to know Paraben’s iRecovery Stick will indeed work. There are a lot of misleading listings online about iRecovery Stick. We recommend you look at one of these listings for updated and accurate information:



Limits for Wiped iOS devices

While there is support for iOS 8, there are some things you should understand. There are two forms of updates for iOS. One completely wipes the memory, the other keeps the memory and only replaces iOS itself. Most devices will update without a complete wipe of the memory, and those devices present no special problems for data recovery. However, if a device was completely wiped, recovering data will be limited.  For more details why, read our article on how recovery software works.


iOS Updates and iRecovery

Paraben designs iRecovery to scan the memory of an iOS device in key areas using different methods to recover the data. When there is an update, Apple might decide that the area used for Text Messages is more logical somewhere else and move it. This kind of change might limit recovery, but Paraben regularly updates its iRecovery Stick to adapt to these kinds of changes.  New customers who want to wait for official word before purchasing can visit the sites above for update information.

NOTE: As of the writing of this post, iOS 8.1 is the most recent update.