Four different views on one screen for comprehensive surveillance! No cycling between screens needed with this high quality camera and DVR system. The DVR is built in to the 7″ TFT LCD screen. Record video on a sd card. Get sharp color video by day or use IR sensors to record after dark. Purchase the kit with one camera and expand to 4 for the ultimate in security surveillance.

Records Wirelessly to a DVR + monitor Amazingly, this affordable camera will send its video wirelessly to a slick 7″ LCD monitor loaded with a DVR and several ways to watch. Watching the video isn’t confined to the monitor. Use the Internet, a computer or another TV to watch live video in more settings. Video is recorded to a removable SD memory card, perfect for making archives or for viewing on another computer.

Features: Motion DetectionFeatures: Night VisionFeatures: Internet ViewingFeatures: Date TimeFeatures: Rca TvFeatures: Sd MemoryFeatures: IndoorFeatures: Wall A C

This Surveillance Camera is recommended for recording indoors. For more outdoor options, please see our outside hidden cams.

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The camera records in the dark! The lack of light will not interrupt surveillance thanks to the camera’s built-in, invisible, infrared red light. When the lights are on, it operates just like a regular camera, recording all it sees. When the lights go out, this camera automatically enables the invisible infer red light so it can see far into a dark room.
Motion Detection or Continuous recording. Motion sensing technology causes the camera to record only when it detects activity. Using motion sensing makes best use of recording memory by only capturing footage of real events; more memory is used for recording activity and skipping out on recording an empty room. With continuous recording, an inactive room can store days worth of activity on one device vs. only a few hours with standard motion recording. Continuous recording is best used when every second counts.
  • This camera can store 120 minutes per gigabyte of video in its memory. If you’ll need to record for longer periods of time please consider upgrading the memory.
  • Records at a screen resolution of 320×240 or 640×480. For more details see our screen resolution help page.
  • Record at a frame rate of 30fps. For more details see our frame rate help page.
  • This camera does not record audio. In some areas, recording audio with video isn’t legal. Therefore, the typical security camera will not record audio.
  • Protected by a 1 year warranty. Please contact us for details.
  • The DVR includes RCA ports, which work on most TVs, VCRs, DVD, BlueRay, and monitors. If you have an extra display with RCA, then you will are already set to view recordings.

Includes Time and Data stamps protect your recordings. Imagine if someone discovered your camera and tried to rewind the video in order to record over some incriminating event. How would you know there was missing video without a time and data stamp? Not only do you see the time of the recording, you can see the actual frame number – which should count up by one every time as long as no tampering occurred – adding more security to your cams.

Quad View Camera Set
  • 0 Lux (IR Mode)
  • 300 feet line of site
  • 30fps 320×240 QVGA/ 25FPS @ 640×430 VGA
  • 5 volt
  • 5V power
  • Monitor/Receiver: 7″ TFT LCD
  • Panel Resouiton 800×480
specifications image
  • Up to 32GB SD Card
  • 4 channel receiver
  • 420 TV Lines
  • Camera: VGA Color CMOS
  • MPEG4
  • Night vision up to 50ft
  • Transmisson: 2400~2483.5MHz
Quad View Camera Set
  • 1 Adaptor for monitor
  • 1 bracket for camera remote
  • 1 Adaptor for camera
  • 1 bracket for monitor
  • 1 Wireless Camera
  • 7″ wireless recording monitor
  • A/V output cable

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